Street near market
Mess Hall Crew
Stars and Stripes
Al Cassel and Frank Bonham
Big RAF Alconbury Website

There is a wonderful RAF Alconbury site with thousands of user-submitted pictures of places, people and items in and around the base. You even may find some of your buddies from long ago who already are members.  It is a private site but free.

To gain membership, e-mail Bob Green at  Please state your connections with RAF Alconbury, i.e., the period you worked/lived, or were stationed there, your squadron, and any other information that would be helpful to others on the site who also may be looking for long lost friends. Please make the subject of your e-mail to Bob "membership to the RAF Alconbury site."

You'll really enjoy the website.

Huntingdon 1
RAF Alconbury 1967
Phone Box in front of Barrucks
U.S. Insignia
Swan Pub
APO NY 09238
RAF Alconbury 1966-68

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Steven G Adler
Frank Bonham
Al Cassel
Lew Cohen
Carl Cunningham
Charlie Emory
Ed Fritz *
Bob Flowers
MSgt. Bob Gates
TSgt Pedro J Gomez
Al Gross
Bob Hardy (Ruislip)
George Kula (d. 2007)
Jo Kula
Dave H Lander (Ruislip)

Mike Livingston
Al Lopez
TSgt D J Marceaux
Bill McManus
Stephen C McNutt *
Dave Miller
Bennie L Moore
George E Murray
Maj. Digger O'Dell
Rich Olivas *
Lt. R.A. Rabens
Al Smith
Art Sutton
Skip Weeks

Bold Italics: we are in contact. 

Please e-mail me if your are on this list or if you should be. 

- People looking for you.
Huntindon 2
Bill in London (self-portrait)
Barracks Wide
RAF Alconbury
Three Pence
Huntondon 3
Bob and Dave
Dave Lander
Huntingdon Bus
Barracks - corner viw
Bass Ale Ad
Armed Forces Liberty Pass
Two Stripes
Airman's Club Card
Ration Card - Front
One Penny
Six Pence
One Shilling
Regent Palace Hotel
History   Map
London Tube Map
London Street 1
London Bobby
Google Map of RAF Alconbury
Radio Lux
May take
a minute to
RAF Alconbury Map - annotated
Bier Kellar at Soho Square, London
George Hotel In Huntingdon
Emergency Action Card
Farm next to RAF Alconbury
TDY in Spain
Swan Pub in London
Swan Pub in London
Map Swan Tavern       Google Maps
Info on a big Alconbury website
Steve McNutt and Gratzia